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Floor Scrubber

Mini Mop 360degree Rotating Hand Push Floor Scrubber with Flexible Handle

Brush width:9inch*2

Clean water tank capacity:6L

Dirty water tank capacity:9L


Product details


1.18inch double brush disk configuration, cleaning efficiency is higher.

2. Intelligent panel shows full water alarm, double protection device, protect the motor and more secure.

3. The customized controller device makes the wiring simple and fully protects of the core components

4. Imported Meite oilproof rubber strip , very durable, and suitable for a variety of ground cleaning.

5. The brand mobile wheel and anti-collision wheel are reinforced with sheet metal parts, resistant to fall, collision and durable.

6. The water tank has larger capacity and higher cleaning efficiency, which can clean 150 square meters at a time.

7. Backflow prevention device technology to prevent stains from remaining.

8. Easy to charge, 16A large capacity lithium iron phosphate battery is safe and durable, Continuous use time can reach more than 120 minutes.

9. Brand brushing motor to ensure the cleaning effect, high quality suction motor, strong suction. After suction, the floor will dry within 15 seconds.

10. American brand Malish brushes configuration cleaning effect is remarkable. 11. Integrated aluminum frame + thickened sheet metal structure,easy operating .

Technicial Data:

Squeegee width520mm
Cleaning efficiency1200m²/H
Brush width9inch*2 /457mm
rotate speed350RPM
Clean water tank capacity6L
Dirty water tank capacity9L
Brush quantity2pcs
Voltage24V(12V optional)
Brush power160W
Suction Motor power120W
Noise level65db
Battery capacity12Ah/16Ah
working time2H
Full charge time5H
NET Weight24kg


The design is elegant and fashionable, the structure is scientific and reasonable. the intelligent key control easy to operate .the power is very strong, but low noise and easy to move !

The 360 degree cleaning structure, integrates suction and washing in one, suitable for a variety of high-end places, such as meeting rooms, cafes, villas, bars, hospitals, schools, etc. Easy to clean all kinds of stains.

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Mini Mop 360degree Rotating Hand Push Floor Scrubber with Flexible Handle