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Floor Scrubber

Industrial Big Capacity 140L Ride on Floor Scrubber Dryer With Front-driven

Driving Motor :760W(Front-Driven)

Dirty water tank:140L

Brush Motor:2*500W


Product details



1. Integrated circuit controller, one-button start function, automatic detection of fault warning.

2. The front drive version is 760W high-power Emma imported brand front drive motor, flexible steering;

3. Rear drive version for 800W rear drive motor, strong power, easy climbing!

4.ECO energy-saving mode, can greatly increase the working time

5. Double push rod motor, automatic lifting wiper and brush plates.

6. The use of hot mix water tank, toughness is stronger, durable collision resistance, service life of up to 10 years

7. Sewage full intelligent stop alarm protection.

8. The electric brake is lifted to prevent the machine from moving by hand when the power is insufficient. The core configuration all uses the first-line big brand suppliers.


Technicial Data:

Cleaning width860mm
Squeegee width1050mm
Walking Speed0-9km/h
Driving motor760W(Front-driven)
Brush motor2*500W
Brush speed180rpm
Brush pressure30kg
Vacuum motor600W
Vacuum degree180mbar
Solution tank120L
Recovery tank140L
Sound level63dB
Running time4-5hours
Net weight435kgs
Gross weight320kgs
Product size1450*1050*1300mm
Packing size1500*900*1450mm


Flexible and easy to operate, single and double brush can be selected, women can easily control, suitable for a variety of places, such as: factories, workshops, warehouses, airports, stations, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, commercial buildings, schools, sports centers, hospitals, restaurants, and places with broad hard ground, with machinery instead of manpower, cleaning operation more efficient and fast.

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Industrial Big Capacity 140L Ride on Floor Scrubber Dryer With Front-driven